There are over 1.3 million business events held in the UK each year, with just under £40 billion was spent by those attending.
By using our service and offering an irresistible and complementary massage, you could draw in the biggest crowd
ever amongst this highly competitive market, be the talking point of all attendees, and truly captivate your audience.


The use of audio headphones is a fantastic way to communicate your messaging while the massage is taking place.
Visitors will be contented, relaxed, and more eager to listen whilst enjoying an invigorating massage.


Research shows that the average person in the UK spends an average of 7.7 hours sat at their office desk.
The potential negative health implications are extremely serious, including long-term back pain, varicose veins
and musculoskeletal disorders to name just a few. We can help counteract some of these health issues and relieve
common stress symptoms such as high blood pressure and RSI (repetitive strain injury).


Advertise the benefits of massage around your office via posters or your internal company newsletter. In addition, encourage staff to take regular breaks, drink more water, and take lunch breaks away from desks to help promote healthy behaviour.


As specialists in health and wellbeing, we know how important it is to take care of athletes and sports competitors. Warming down is key to preventing sustained injuries and improving flexibility and oxygen circulation to the muscles. All things that our sports event massage services can help with.


Inform your sports participants that massage is available to them all. Make clear the health benefits via posters around the venue and during and coaching sessions, and don’t forget to advertise to spectators should you offer this as a service to visitors too.


Whilst offering complimentary drinks on arrival can be a good way to break the ice at your event, offering an alternative such as massage is a healthier way to warm your guests up for a day of socialising. Not only will you help promote a positive brand image, you’ll give your guests an extra talking point to help with all that networking.


Advertising your massage service in your event promotion is a great incentive for people to attend. Put clear signs up at the entrance of your event directing guests to the massage area and mark on maps or lanyards so they don’t miss out.


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